Hijacked by my myself

Do you ever find yourself hijacking your own time.   So my narrative looks like this. Oh its Sunday lets have a nice lie in.  Guilt – I should be exercisng/spending quality time with my family.

Cuts to “the list”.  To try and manage/quieten the endless chant of to do’s in my head and to try and make any progress made as visual as possible I love a list and even more ticking off the tasks.

So I generally  have a day list a week list a weekend list and a month list!  So Sundays list went a bit like, spend quality time doing some work research and have a nice bath to nurture myself rather than another punishing long run.

So there I am running the bath trying to focus on self care and end up cutting my sons toe nails. But annoyingly not being able to find his little baby grooming kit which hold the kid friendly scissors ended up with me having all the bathroom cabinets out and carrying out a major declutter and clean before putting stuff back.  Still no grooming kit turned up and I lost about 2 hours to this task which hadn’t even been on the list.

My expectations are high of what I want/need to achieve to feel good about myself.  So the combination of lie in and an impromptu bathroom tidy meant I lost the morning.  Having perfectionist tendencies I had to thoroughly clean the whole  bathroom not just the cabinets.


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